Our newest employee, Dominic Palarchio has a "Snocial" interview on Yobeat.com with The Catfish. Dom is a talented photographer, skateboarder and snowboarder. He is part of the Burton "Knowbuddy" program and has a heavy amount of footage from this past winter that has been released in edits and he'll be dropping a part that he spent two years filming. Despite the accolades, he maintains a chill and unassuming demeanor. Genuinely a guy anyone would be hyped to ride with!

Dominic Palarchio is one badass kid. I first met Dom two summers ago when at the Burton Demo center. The then 15-year old Dom had been camping out with a posse of friends in the woods of Government Camp and poaching the camp lanes. Two years later, thanks to Instagram, that I began to notice young Dom’s developing eye for photography. Surrounded by a great group of friends and the stark industrial Michigan landscape, Dom’s photos perfectly represent his local scene. Follow Dom on Instagram and Tumblr to see more of this young developing photographer’s work.
How did you get into photography?

Growing up snowboarding and skating, I’ve always been around filmers and photographers. Filming interested me first but I liked being on the other side of the camera better. Photography on the other hand really clicked (no pun intended) for me when I first shot film a couple years ago. Since then it’s grown on me a lot.

What’s your favorite shot you took this last season?
My favorite shot from this season is of Alec Ash 50-50ing a triple kink at night. It was misty outside and it caught the light from my flash real nice like.

Who were some of the people you shot with this season?
Most of the season I shot with my friends around Michigan. A few pro crews came through and I got to tag along and shoot some stuff with Marie Hucal, Mary Rand and Jess Kimura, the Snowboarder Mag boys in Detroit, and once with Think Thank.

You use to be a Summer Govy. local, why didn’t you go to Mt. Hood this year?
 I’ve spent every summer at hood since I was 15. I had such a blast being out there but it felt like a good time to try something new and actually get some summer activities in. This summer I’ve been living at home, trying skating everyday.

What are your plans for next season/the future?
I’ve got a two-year part coming in the fall. School starts again in a few weeks. The plan for next season is to film another part, shoot more photos, and hopefully bring out my own standard-def video. Until then I’ll just be out skating.

Check out the whole interview and more photos at: http://www.yobeat.com/2014/08/09/snocial-dominic-palarchio/

Follow Dom on instagram @vacationtonowhere

check his website out at:  http://www.dominicpalarchio.com/

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