Call me 917 video 2

The internet is saturated with mediocrity. Fast fashion, algorithms, and cringe-worthy advertisements that make you feel like you’re a part of a demographic you thought you had little in common with. There’s the YouTube autoplay that seems to always result in you watching a mildly engaging tour video, griptape commercial, game of skate, or the proverbial contest runs that seem to last several times longer than the original skate clip you clicked on.
It all seems… Just okay.

We all fell victim to cynicism and worried that the internet killed off the full-length skate video. We collectively grumbled about the onslaught of parts that were soon forgotten about and “throwaway” footage, as well as montage-based skate vids from our favorite brands. 

Seems like we forget the endless pile of skate DVD’s that were subpar: the blind videos post-Trilogy (Although, What If kind of goes off), straight-to-dvd tour vids that lacked a premiere, and blatant promotional material for skateboard companies filled with extras and unused clips. And while this new 917 video lacks a physical DVD copy, it certainly has all the elements of a DVD that would be on heavy repeat at the shop.

Although we are in a digital age, there’s still the special videos: the ones you seek out, save to your favorites, and watch again and again, alone or with friends. This here is one of those special videos. Alex Olson’s acquisition of hard-working, genius-minded skateboarders with deep passions outside of their love for skateboarding has worked wonders for the direction of his brand. Having half of New York’s Most Productive Crew™ on the team paid off, as this is a video that we feel is worth watching. There is creativity in spades, with talent to boot. Logan Lara’s vision for skateboarding remains optimistic and stoic. This video makes you forget about any of the things we complain about in skating because at the end of the day, this is the feeling we all chase, regardless of what we like to skate and how.

Hugo’s frontside air followed by the mid-hillbomb mobbed out nollie flip both evoke a simultaneous emotion of sheer pleasure and terror. A collective yell will be emitted at his frontside wallride in Atlanta, and Cyrus Bennett’s endless power supply could shape the clean energy revolution to come (Green New Deal y’all). Let us not forget the authority with which Nik Stain handles his skateboard or the endless ooze of style and innovation from the likes of Max Palmer and Vincent Touzery.
Everyone loves a good comeback… David Clark getting on 917 and dropping two fire parts within a week is something worth celebrating. As far as underrated, Aaron Loreth’s part was super sick. Talk about subtle tricks that have a lot of depth to their difficulty level. Still have no idea how he did that nollie cab pressure-flip on the bank to wall at his fav skatepark. This video is so gnarly, and yet so chill...

There’s nothing quite like relatability mixed with face-melting tricks seldom seen or performed. So many tricks in this video will make you call out and scratch your head. Add an effortlessly engaging soundtrack throughout, and you’ve got another instant classic on your hands. One can only hope that the next decade brings us pleasant surprises every few years on 9/17… until next time!

Here’s a link to all the Call Me 917 products at People, we’re proud to carry 917 and support Alex Olson and his vision for skateboarding.

-Leo Chumack


October 06, 2019 — Ben Clarke

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