Nike SB Mummy Dunk Low shoeOn October 28th we will be releasing the Nike SB Dunk Low "Mummy" + A special People Mummy tee shirt that ties back to the shoe.
$20 from each purchase goes to the Pontiac Skatepark Project


  1. Raffle winners will be given the chance to purchase the Nike SB Mummy Dunk + Shirt in the size they selected.
  2. The raffle sign up is in-store only.
  3. Please don't call us or DM us asking to sign up. It's a hard NO. We appreciate you all. This is a lot of extra work and we have a store to run.
  4. The sign up is Saturday October 23rd - Wednesday October 27th (6pm)
  5. We will contact the winners on October 28th.
  6. First entry is free
  7. An additional entry with the purchase of a skateboard deck/s or every $100 spent at the shop.
  8. You must sign up for your shoe size (we will be checking).
  9. Mess around and get cut from future raffles (Don't make this hard on us).
  10. You must pick them up by October 31st. No exceptions. If you are unable to pick them up, the next person in line gets them.
  11. We can not guarantee perfect box condition, I can tell you a 9.5 box is a bit rough. If you're looking for maximum profitzzz keep scrolling, this isn't the raffle for you.

Nike SB Dunk Low "Mummy"

Nike SB Dunk Low “Mummy” + Shirt
Release Date: Oct. 2021
Color: Coconut Milk/Seafoam-Yellow Strike
Style #: DM0774-111
Price: $150

People Mummy Dunk Tee


October 23, 2021 — Ben Clarke

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