Welcome the newest company to the People board wall; Jacuzzi Unlimited. Born from the ashes of Dwindle Distribution and Enjoi, Jacuzzi is Louie Barletta's newest brain child. With Louie in charge, you can bet the brand will embody the same fun-loving, easy-going energy as Enjoi. The team consists of Caswell Berry, Nestor Judkins, Jackson Pilz, Michael Pulizzi, Gus Bus, Andrea Benítez, Daniel Dubois, Matt Savidakis, Joey Marrone, Tony Latham, John Dilo and Dru James. Jacuzzi is operating under the umbrella of Sidewalk Distribution, which also includes Bill Weiss' Opera Skateboards and Mike Sinclair's Slappy Trucks. With these individuals leading the way, Jacuzzi and the rest of Sidewalk Distribution has a bright future ahead.

Jacuzzi also just released their first video "Monnie" featuring the whole team. If you were wondering...Louie Barletta's still got it. Check it out and let us know what you think about Jacuzzi!

September 11, 2023 — Ben Clarke

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