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Insight is a gathering of open-minded individuals. A think tank for uninhibited ideas, where everyday, a collective of unique people meet to create, amongst fistfuls of things, mess and noise.

Nurturing some of the surf and skate world's most humble yet radical folk, and lead by a motley crew of designers, artists and musicians - young, idealistic and oozing creativity - the Insight family follow their intuition, forging their own distinctive movement while exciting and challenging the weary.

All about leading design, unique artwork, high quality production and an overall brand ethos that acts to inspire youth culture with an alternative lifestyle, Insight stands for 'evolution of the next big thing.

Artistic dominance shines through in the form of the Insight Garage Artist Program, lead by Creative Director Steve Gorrow, and features internationally renowned artists such as Magda Sayeg, Jiro Bevis and Tomoo Gokita.
Tired of witnessing repetition and a rehashing of old ideas, Insight embodies all that is yet to come, and is a believer that through the encouragement of free thinking and eccentricity, anything is possible.