Theories brand spun out of Josh Stewart's distribution company, Theories of Atlantis know for being the US distributor of brands like Magenta, Isle, Evisen, YardSale, Studio, Dial Tone, Picture Show, Hopps, and Traffic. Theories produces quality fashion forward pants (Like the Theories Plaza Jeans and Theories Stamp lounge pants), t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, beanies and even decks.

Theories soft goods are well conceived with each garment or collection having a conspiracy theory behind it. Unafraid to delve into history’s controversial or convoluted conspiracy theories for the brands imagery, It has allowed Stewart and designer Pat Stiener to explore a depth of intriguing stories such as the Solway Space Man and Kennedy assassination. Along with mixing in obscure yet decipherable pop culture references, Theories Brand keeps in interesting with an endless supply of material to ensure the imagery and stories stay fresh for years to come.