People Skate and Snowboard is brick and mortar rider owned and operated shop located in Keego Harbor, MI. We've made a real effort to extensively test and carry unique products that we like. We are confident in what we sell! You'll notice, we don't carry every brand. That is intentional. Not everything is worth buying. An awesome team or good marketing, does not necessarily make for a good product. Nothing bums me out more than selling someone something that lets them down. I take it personally. We wanted to share that experience with the rest of the world, so we've opened this online shop. 

Hit me up with any questions, if you are trying to decide between two products, or a few products, there is a reason for everything we carry. I'll help you sift through the marketing hype and get you exactly what you need. I've been riding for just shy of 30 years now and have always been a skateboard and snowboard nerd with discerning taste.