Dinosaurs Will Die Duke Snowboard size 154

$379.00 $519.95

2023 Dinosaurs Will Die Duke Snowboard size 154

Embark on a snowboarding journey like never before with the 2023 Dinosaurs Will Die Duke Snowboard in size 154. This board is not just a piece of equipment; it's a masterpiece designed for high-performance riding. Here's why the Duke stands out:

Key Features:

  1. Poplar Core with Birch Stringers:

    • The poplar core combined with birch stringers ensures a dynamic and lightweight foundation, offering the perfect blend of strength and responsiveness.
  2. Biax/Biax Glass:

    • The Biaxial fiberglass construction guarantees a consistent and smooth flex pattern, making the board versatile across various terrains and riding styles.
  3. ABS Sidewalls:

    • Featuring ABS sidewalls, the board gains durability and impact resistance, ensuring it can handle aggressive riding and challenging conditions with ease.
  4. Kevlar Stringers (V Formation):

    • Kevlar stringers laid in a 'V' formation in the tip and tail provide extra strength and responsiveness, enhancing control and stability in critical areas.
  5. Sintered Base:

    • The sintered base boosts speed and wax absorption, allowing you to effortlessly glide over snow and maximize your overall riding experience.
  6. Elliptical Sidecut:

    • The elliptical sidecut contributes to improved edge hold and maneuverability, letting you carve through different snow conditions with precision and ease.
  7. Twin Directional:

    • The twin directional shape offers a versatile design for all-mountain riding, providing a balanced feel with the ability to handle various slopes and conditions.

Prepare to conquer the mountain with confidence and style, as the 2023 Dinosaurs Will Die Duke Snowboard combines cutting-edge features with a timeless twin directional design. Unleash your full potential on the snow with a board that's as adventurous as you are.