GX1000 Brushed Cardigan size large

$98.00 $127.95
By GX1000

GX1000 Brushed Cardigan

size large

Color: Navy

Detail: The GX1000 Brushed Cardigan is a standout piece that seamlessly merges comfort and style, setting itself apart with a combination of thoughtful details and premium materials. Crafted with a custom heavyweight jacquard knit, the cardigan boasts a unique and textured appearance that adds a touch of sophistication to casual wear. The embroidered logo on the pocket seam serves as a subtle yet distinctive branding element, enhancing the cardigan's visual appeal. Featuring front waist inner pockets, it combines practicality with a modern aesthetic, offering both style and functionality. The brushed finish not only adds a luxurious softness to the polyester and rayon fabric but also contributes to the cardigan's overall warmth and coziness. With its meticulous design, embroidered accents, and high-quality fabric blend, the GX1000 Brushed Cardigan is a versatile and stylish addition to any wardrobe.