It is nearly time for the World Cup! 4 years have gone by since Spain won in South Africa back in 2010 and now it is Brazil's turn to host the nations as they battle it out for the ultimate title. As the leading sports sponsor of FIFA, this event has huge importance for Adidas. With the Skate Copa, Adidas Skateboarding pays tribute to this legendary global sporting event.

Adidas is Celebration Adidas' football heritage with a skateboarding story told through a football lens. The limited skate-specific shoes are inspired both technically and stylistically by legendary Adidas football boots.

The Adidas Busenitz "Skate Copa" is a limited edition Kangaroo leather Busenitz pro skate shoe. Constructed out of the same hide as high-end soccer (ahem, football) cleats. these are sure to be the most comfortable best performing skate shoes in the game.








There are also accompanying Jerseys that were picked by each team rider and represents their favorite era from their respective country's football team. They Selected the number and then worked with their board sponsors to create a custom crest on each jersey.

Check out the whole collection here!

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