2051 Rosa Parks Grand Opening

Jessica and I have spent every day off this past month helping develop an event space located at 2051 Rosa Parks blvd. in the Corktown district of Detroit. The space is designed to house art exhibits, premiere videos, and host live music. The space also features skateable installations that flow throughout it's three rooms.

François Decomble and Jim Tumey conceptualized the space while hosting a weekly video night at their over-crowded apartment. It was not much more than a pipe dream, until Matt Price of The Skateboard Mag got a hold of Jim and told him Levi's Skateboarding was looking to do a DIY project in Detroit. Jim and Francois drew up a proposal for a skateable movie theater/art gallery. Levi's was in and delivered some much needed funding to get the project off the ground. No strangers to supporting Michigan Skateboarding, Levi's was instrumental in getting funding to the Prospect DIY Park in Ypsilanti, MI.

For the past two months, the Rosa Parks Boys have been reviving a section of house built in the 1870's. The house was later converted into a factory specializing in making oval picture frames and long since abandoned. Thousands of hours were devoted to getting the space in shape. Just about everything needed to be gutted, painted, sealed, filled to make it the space it is today.

The Grand Opening kicks off this evening, May 23rd 2014 with an art exhibition entitled, "Dirty" by Nick Jaskey. with a live DJ set by Ben Wolf.

Saturday will be about skating. The Levi's "Sculptural skate-jam" at 2pm will be open to everyone. Giving everyone a chance to try out the installations, carve around some very tight steep tranny, and hang out with friends.

Bill Malburg's band The Seizures will be playing at 9pm

Airjob (Matt Hebert) with be doing a DJ set at 11pm.

Last but not least, Sunday will be what started this all, a movie night. The Rosa Parks boys will be screening, "Lost Highway"



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