We were greeted with the arrival of Polar Skate co. Winter 14 apparel today.

Imported from across the atlantic, The Polar Skate Co Coach Jacket features a black canvas shell that is quilted and lined in blue satin with a white screen printed stroke logo on the back. True to Pontus' obsessive nature, the Polar Soft Denim cap is just about the nicest unstructured 6 panel hat I have see. The vintage washed out denim and suede brim look awesome together. The thrift store find, you'll never actually find.

We also received some Polar Skate Co Chino, also imported. these chino pants feature a regular fit with tons of stetch. The Polar Chino pants are not your typical low quality skate company produced filler. They are easily one of the nicest chino pants we have in the store.

For those that have lived under the proverbial stop rock for the past few years, Polar is a swedish skateboard company based in Malmö Sweden. Polar Skate Co is owned and operated by Pontus Alv together with the creative minds of Stefan Narancic & Jacob Ovgren. Always obsessing over the details, style, and design, they sincerely put every bit of effort into providing the best products they can produce.
need more proof? here is a little edit pontus and Jake Johnson made for Cons...

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