Rome 2014 / 2015 Snowboards

It is safe to say that Rome SDS nailed it on their 2014/2015 snowboards. Rome SDS stands for Snowboard Design Syndicate, it is important to Rome to continue an on-going conversation between riders to insure that they are constantly improving from year to year. Rome wants this feedback to make improvements to their snowboard and to make sure that the riders voices are always heard in their company.

In the Rome 2014/2015 line Rome has focused on improving all aspects of their snowboards from their durability to how their respond. Rome always tweaking smooth flex patterns but still offering great pop. The flex with pop technology that they put into their boards offers a nice clean flex with great response, as well as offer a powerful snap when you load the board. From their all mountain snowboards to their park boards, Rome offers a fun and responsive boards that can be ridden in a variety of conditions and situations and still come out on base. All Rome boards have a little something for all styles of riders.

The 2014/2015 Rome Gang Plank offers it all. This board is either for the type of rider that enjoys going fast and slashing powerful carves, or for an aggressive park rider that wants a stable board with an excellent response. The 2014/2015 Gang Plank focuses a lot on the pop well also offering a very "pressable" flex. Rome does this by creating a primarily flat base and then giving it a bit of rocker at the nose and the tail to help with presses, deep snow float, and make the board less catchy. Along with the flat base, the powerful pop also comes from bamboo rods that sit vertically along the base of the board. These bamboo rods help give a power snap to your ollies and provide a controlled flex of the board. you can tranny find all day and the board does it's best to set you back down and not loop out.
Mod Rocker 149 Snowboard

The 2014/2015 Rome Mod Rocker is Rome's super board. Weather you are hitting jumps, jibbing rails, or carving turns, the Rome Mod Rocker will be the best board to conquer it all. The rocker and the base of the Mod Rocker is much like the Gang Plank, where it is flat throughout the  base and offers a small amount of rocker at the nose and the tail. The 2014 /2015 Rome Mod Rocker has some lofty pop, easily one of the most energetic snowboards available (second only the the Camber version). From popping off of jumps to dialing in rail tricks this board will make your improvement seem effortless. One of the key features that set The Rome SDS Mod Rocker snowboard apart from the rest is the ultra-lightweight construction. Don't mistake that for weak, Rome SDS developed this board to be ridden fast and ridden hard. If you want a high-tech board with no boundaries then the Rome 2014/2015 Mod Rocker is the board for you (It's my personal choice!).

The 2014/2015 Rome Mod offers the same high-tech qualities that the Rome Mod Rocker offers but is set out to be for those OG riders that love regular camber boards. The Rome Mod is a superlight and responsive board that is made for the riders that want to throw bigger tricks and progress and need a board that meets the qualities they need. The Mod's are Rome's top boards and is designed to be an all mountain board that is for slashing turns, flying off jumps, and throwing down lines in the park. Never come up short on a rope ollie again!

The 2014/2015 Rome Agent Rocker is your ideal all mountain board for the rider that loves going fast and ripping tree runs. This Rome Agent Rocker is designed to be fast, powerful, and durable. For all those riders that have big feet and still want a board that can handle this style of riding then the 2014/2015 Rome Agent Rocker wide is a board that is worth checking out. The sibling of this board is the 2014/2015 Rome Reverb Rocker Wide and this board is designed for all you big footed rider that wants to take there aggressive all mountain riding into the street. The Rome Reverb is an all around board that can support a rider who needs a board to hikes his local hand rail to the steepest mountain you can find.

The Rome 2014/2015 Bonelss snowboard is like your skateboard on snow. Designed so that you can down size and ride the board smaller. This gives the Rome Boneless a very playful feel much like as if you were cruising around on a skateboard. The Boneless will help you get a good feel for rails and jibing in the park. The Skatecore technology makes the Rome Boneless feel like you have a pair of trucks under your board making you lock into tricks and pivot effortlessly.
Skatecore Profiling Diagram

                                                 Skatecore Profiling

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