Our selection of RVCA's summer line has arrived in store and is just in time for the near unbearable heat and humidity that is upon us. From shorts to tees to button ups and polos we've got something to assure you're both looking and feeling cool on the hottest of days. We have an assortment of their Artist Network Program products from the likings of tattoo legend Bert Krak and RVCA skate pro Josh Harmony as well; those being the Bert RVCAloha tee, the Harmony Pelican tee, the Harmony Pinapple tee, and the Harmony Tropics Polo shirt.
Alongside the ANP shirts we received we have restocked on two pigment dyed tee's including the PTC Super Wash tee in pirate and the PTC Super Wash in dark denim. We also have stocked up on several styles of RVCA shorts for the summer heat including the Week-End Stretch shorts, the Benefits Hybrid shorts, the Bungalow Boardshorts, and for the ladies we have the Crossed Paths shorts and the Just Woke Up shorts. Other women's item's we received include the Keltex Tank Top, the Mandry Dress, and the Chopped Up T-Shirt which is from the RVCA Women's Sunday Collection.

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