People Skate and Snowboard Presents, "Filmin' February" Round 3 a snowboard only joint.

What does all of this mean?!?!?

It's simple, Go out and film your friends snowboarding. If you wow US, we will hook you up with prizes!
This is our third year doing this and we are bringing some pretty heavy judges on board.

Judging will be done by:


  • Justin Meyer (Head at Videograss)
  • LNP
  • Jake OE
  • Jon Kooley
  • Knut Eliassen (Nitro TM)
  • Dinosaurs will Die team rider

If you're looking to have the best time ever with your snowboard friends, to get noticed, or want to know how to get seen by the companies you want to ride for... THIS IS IT!

Edit's should be around 3 minutes long. submit a Youtube link to by March 11th

You have to use current footage. We will know if you use something from last year. That's cheating.

Last year's winning edit went on to get 2nd Place in the Rome Local GNAR (BBNBN crew), a top 5 edit landed Andrew Carroll a job at the shop, And everyone who submitted something progressed. Good things come to those who work for it!

Earn your turns. we have enough snow to ride street, so hike that feature you've been dreaming about and make it count. Park footage is OK too, but we want to see you riding creatively with an emphasis on style. Shawn White's won't win this one, so leave your cheetah skinny pants in your girlfriends trunk and get out there and start filmin' today!

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