Check out Jackson Casey's newest masterpiece, "Couchlock Odyssey" available for free! 

His videos have always been innovative and out there, consistently featuring some of my favorite editing and skating. In the past, you've had Boyish and Worship Friendship. The newest offering Couchlock Odyssey has all of the elements that made me watch and re-watch the first two over and over. The sound track is what I want to listen to. The editing is creative, unique, and a breath of fresh air. The skating is innovative and technical. This is a video for people who still believe skateboarding is about creativity. An artform, not a sport. 

If skateboarding has become stale, it's because critics want everything to be completely uniform. Videos feature incongruous punk rock songs that came out before the kids skating in them were born. Rap songs that the skaters like, but don't fit their skating. Skate videos editors have become too insecure. not willing to take risks. Which is ironic because what is skateboarding without risks?

Pyramid Country's Couchlock Odyssey is made by Jackson Casey, J.J. Horner, and Bobby Green features some insane shredding from Jonathan Pierce, Marshall Winter, Ryan Sublette, Justin Modica, Aric Blatner, Tyler Franz, and a bunch of other talented individuals who will inspire you to skateboard.

April 24, 2013 — Ben Clarke

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