Season-after-season Brixton is one of our best-selling brands; with custom tailored tops, bottoms, high end headwear, bags, and impeccably designed accessories there's no wonder why. Truthfully, this may be the best spread of Brixton wear that we've yet to receive. The Brixton Bowery Flannel is one of the most uniquely designed flannel color ways that we've ever seen. Per usual their henley offerings are spot on; from the single buttoned Brixton Addison S/S Henley, to the Brixton Redford L/S HenleyBrixton Adam 3/4 Henley shirt, and Brixton Noah L/S Polo Knit there's somewhere for whatever you need here. A number of crew neck style sweaters have arrived as well such as the Brixton Damo Crew Fleece and Brixton Neptune Sweater. For headwear we had a number of colors in the Brixton Soto Snapback, the timeless Brixton Jonas Cap, the uniquely designed Brixton Hoover 5 Panel Cap, and more. For jackets we've received the Brixton Canton Jacket and Brixton Claxton Jacket. This is all of course alongside the arrival of several color ways in the Brixton Basin Bag.

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