It's without question that Thrasher's clothing line has a timeless presence within the world of skateboarding. With that said we're happy to offer our largest selection of goods from Thrasher yet. We've received a number of tees including the Thrasher Magazine Logo tee in the pink and sapphire color ways, alongside the Thrasher Outlined tee in black and cardinal. We also have the new Thrasher Resurrection tee, the Thrasher Patriot Flame tee, the Thrasher Boxed Logo zip-up hoodie in red, and the Thrasher 13 Wolves tee for those looking for entertainment within their clothing. For headwear we got the Thrasher Skategoat Wool Blend 6 Panel hat in Navy and Black. If you're looking for something that will forever have a staple in skateboarding that's easy on the eyes for summer you're sure to find it within this line.
June 18, 2016 — Ben Clarke

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