If you're looking for something to do this Presidents Day, stop by the shop and trade stacks of presidents for some of last seasons gear at the greatest discounts yet!
This snow season is far fro over and it is easily the best I remember in my 20 years of snowboarding. Don't cheat yourself by riding archaic gear. A lot has changed. All for the better. You can't buy the weather, so don't miss out!

All apparel: 20% off (even new 2014 arrivals)

All Beanies buy one, get one 1/2 off

2014 snowboard gear is now on discount, 20-70% off (no reason not to)


A properly tuned board is an awesome thing. don't get stuck in the flats or come up short on a rope ollie. Being the first in a group is as easy as some board maintenance.

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