The Interior Plain Project Daggers Event is nearing a close. Those seeking the medallion  are close but no one has found it yet! Please don't do anything illegal or insane, you are right by the Orchard Lake Police Station...

Full Resolution Photo Clue #9

Seekers feel they have walked this line 1000 times.

The location of the Medallion is close to your minds.

Full Resolution Photo Clue # 10

Let this current be your boundary.

You need not dig down.

This is not a medallion foundry.

Full Resolution Photo Clue #11

Close-outs a plenty, Size up this feature.
May the best bail route be your teacher.


I hope this is enough for someone to retrieve the medallion!

1. bring it back to the shop.

2. Receive the Daggers board

3. Film a 15 second instagram edit using the Daggers board.

4. you will be entered to win one of these:



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