Filmin' February 2015: A snowboard video contest is on! It's that time of the year: charge those batteries, get you editing program skills dialed, and go out and film with your friends!

This is our fourth year doing this contest and we have tons of snow to make a great non-resort edit! (any edit is accepted)

This contest gets your edit watched by the very people who can make things happen. There is no better way to get attention than participating!

In the past years, we have had Justin Meyers of videograss, Sean Genovese,  LNP, Pete Harvieux of IPP, Knut Eliassen (Nitro Team Manager), Jon Kooley, Lance Hakker (owner of Ashbury), and many more judge the videos.

Prizes! there will be lots of glorious prizes for the top 5. We have some extra special stuff in the works! stay tuned...


1. The footage should come from filming in February. this is not a full season edit, but don't hold back too much, some edits are pretty heavy...

2. We want to see a purpose built edit. don't just send us something you made for another reason, past judges have pretty much thrown out those kinds of entries.

3. Style matters. creativity matters. your editing and song selection matter. This is not a spin-to-win contest. this isn't a sponsor me tape. Mellower clean riding in a creative way with good editing will get you a lot further in this contest.

4. submit uploaded video link (preferably vimeo, but youtube works) to by March 9th 2014 at 11:59 pm

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