2015 / 2016 ThirtyTwo Snowboard boots have arrived and they are looking better than ever! ThirtyTwo has made some major strides to earn their place as the top selling boots in our shop.

Major improvements to the boot shell materials are the first thing you'll notice. In their best selling boot, The ThirtyTwo Lashed Snowboard boot they added new backstay that will keep the boot performing much longer. Sure, it adds a little bit of stiffness, but it was much needed and closes the gap between the Lashed and TM-Two while having a much more comfortable fit out of the box.

The Thirtytwo Lashed Chris Bradshaw boot is the best looking basic colorway in the boot for those not feeling the Camo colorway.

The ThirtyTwo Maven snowboard boots are Joe Sexton's creation and feature a lower than normal cut. This works particularly well for people with large or low calves (or because your shorter). Joe had problems with calf cramps when his boot dug into his calf, he wasn't getting the tweak-ability he was looking for. Rather than run the uppers very loose, He came up with a solution. This is our third year selling the boot and it seems to work out really well for shorter riders or guys in that "tweener" stage of growth. a bit softer than a normal lashed, but with the high quality level 2 intuition foam liner.
The ThirtyTwo Sessions Grenier snowboard boot is last but hardly least. Another spin off of the Lashed Snowboard boot, The Sessions adds a BOA recoil-er for a tongue tension system. This boot is primarily traditional lace and functions fine completely without the BOA, but if your looking for some extra heel hold and stiffness, you can crank the dial down. It works really well especially for those that rush tying their boots or might suffer from park foot or low circulation. You can quickly release the tension and give your feet some relief.

Its hard to believe in a little over 2 months, We'll be slashing that man-made white stuff at our local sliding sideways hills.

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