If you need an entry level board (or just a killer deal), check out The Tour or The Tour Wide What's up with it? Well, it has no hang up design meaning that it is very forgiving and ideal for the beginner to intermediate rider, but this shape is also very effective when it comes to jibbing without having to hang up. Think about the base looking like spoon. Since the edges are raised it is less likely to catch. The 2013 Tour also has a rocker profile. Rocker profiles are great because they are so forgiving; they float on snow like a boat rides through water. 

Moving up the line to more jibtastic designs. Check out either the Hammer Head or The Artifact. The 2013 Artifact is a killer park board for a killer price. The board has a traditional camber shape with a subtler flex patter for jibbing and effective pop. This board is an all around monster at a great price. The graphic tends to keep little kids away and true shredders here to stay. Did I mention that I own 2 of these? 

The 2013 Hammer Head borrowed its shape from an old Christian Hasoi deck. The thing is meant to press, seriously. Do a tail press while grabbing crail. That's what this thing is about. It's a definite jib board and probably shouldn't be the only board you ride in your line. But, if you can swing for one, then do it. This is innovation in deck design that you aren't seeing anywhere else. This is why Rome builds snowboards for snowboarders. 'Nough said here.

We're surpassing the $400 mark from here on out. What does that mean for your board? Well, usually that means carbon comes into the picture and your base is going to be faster. A sintered base, as opposed to an extruded base, requires slightly more maintenance because, like a sponge, these boards want to absorb wax every chance they get. The carbon is going to give your board more life because it is going to surpass an all out wooden core that inevitably will break down. Just think performance and response.  

The 2013 Rome Reverb is solid stick at only $400! It's got everything discussed above and more. With hollowed out fiberglass tubes this thing has got some snap. This is a traditional snowboard with a traditional positive camber shape. It's also a twin. An all-mountain killer ready to do this or that. Really...

The board that I am riding in a 144 nonetheless. It's the 2013 Postermania. Damn, it's a thing of beauty. Let's take a minute to dwell in it... Ahh, that's better. This board has tech. sidecuts, carbon in its base, and comes in every size on the planet. I mean, they have a 144 for crying out loud. It's a reverse camber killer that will snap back at you. It's ready for anything. You want to press, then press. You want to boot to the moon, then boot it. You want to bomb a groomer and beat your friends, then look back because they are definitely going to be behind you. Did I mention that I am riding this thing?   

Rome's Mod Rocker and traditional camber shaped Mod. Only difference between these are the shapes. These boards have it all. This is the best of technology that Rome has to offer. Both models have Kevlar beneath the bindings to absorb flying to flat and keeping the boards' lives in tact. This board has serious snap that can ride anything and everything in its path. If you want powerful turns, then look no further because you have arrived. This core is the equivalent of a BMW's engine. It's got low density wood mixed with poplar to retain snap and keep moving when you can't. Honestly, you are going to love this thing. No one ever cried about spending money on a product worth that's worth every penny and more. If you are going to race, then this is what you want to be racing on. You need power and control and it's here.  

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