There is no question that between the harsh michigan conditions and how we ride snowboards, They see a ton of abuse! For that reason, a lot of people adopt a "I don't care" mentality towards board tuning. This often happens as a result of local ski shop running your board through their expensive fancy tuning machine. they ask you what edge bevel you want and grind the hell out of your edges until it gets into that profile. I have seen a few millimeter gaps between the base and the edge because the people operating these machines have no idea what they are doing. After all they are old ski dudes. They are pissed that they have to take your bindings off and that your board is so much work. They also think you really don't care, so they don't care.

At People we take a much different approach. Tuning is exactly that. Customizing the shape of your edge to match the style of riding you do. If your hitting a ton of rails. we are going to detune your edge between your bindings, so you don't catch on a box or rail and break your clavicle. There is nothing more inconsiderate or dangerous to do to a snowboarder riding terrain park than tune their board incorrectly. We also are capable of tuning for boardercross, a guy who just likes to hit groomers, or someone trying to make learning a bit easier. We tune by hand like all of the great board tuners of the world. We understand what kind of riding you do the second we look at your board because the person tuning your board rides and rides well. We tune by hand (we can get your base ground if you need it to). and because we all know what were doing, We generally can have your board back to you within 24 hrs (often times hours if you're nice to us and let us know).

We offer the best prices and quickest turn around. We can wax your board with high-floro content waxes (for a bit more $) and We will work with you to understand what you need out of your board and get it there.

March 08, 2013 — Ben Clarke

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