I want to thank everyone who participated in Filmin' February this year. We received almost 30 submissions and many of them were extremely progressive and had awesome riding!
I also want to thank the judges for taking their time during the peak of their filming season, to watch a bunch of people slay over the internet. Lastly, but not least, we have to thank our sponsors: Ashbury Eyewear, Videograss, Rome SDS, Dinosaurs Will Die, Smokin' Snowboards, Airblaster, Spacecraft, Nitro, L1, Nike Snowboarding, and Signal. Without you, We wouldn't have anything to give. Also a special shout out to Lance Hakker and Justin Meyer for really going above and beyond helping out with this contest. Thank you for the support!

Without further adieu...

1st place (with a perfect score): Kyle Kerns

2nd place: Scott Smith

3rd place: Addison Beeker

4th place: Marc Moline

5th place:John Kubiak

April 04, 2013 — Ben Clarke


The Lemon said:

Hands down the dopest dope

Brenda Kubiak said:

Change the spelling to the 5th place to John Kubiak instead of John Kubika. Good job John!

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