Andrew is a ripper on and off the hill. Come to the shop and talk snowboards with him. He likes that. chose him as a "staff pick"

He rides for: Rome SDS, Flanel Lifestyles, Rhythm, and of course, People


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If there was a “so hot right now” list Carroll would be right up on top of there. Flanel team rider Andrew Carroll just had his season edit showcased by the likes of Yobeat and Snowboarder mag recently and that’s pretty cool. Even though I would classify Andrews riding as aggressive his positive personality definitely shines through making all that watch him not only impressed, but stoked to go out and ride. That’s the sign of a real good snowboarder. Andrew was nice enough to furnish us (with the help of Mike Harrington) his season edit version 2. Shits rad kids…check it out and be stoked!

Andrew Carroll X Michigan Boarder from Flanel Lifestyles on Vimeo.

Name Andrew Douglas Carroll
Hometown Shelby Township
Resort Pine (my) Knob, Rob
Set Up Rome Artifact regular camber 147
Rome 390 Boss bindings
Rome Bodega boots.
Stance Regular, as close as it gets
Vid Cred Mike Harrington, Scott Smith, and John Kubiak
Talk about the edit.
Mike Harrington is a boss and pumps out more edits then anyone else I’m aware of in Michigan. A handful of this footage is from Scott Smith and several shots by John Kubiak. This is pretty much a wrap on all my park footage I wanted to use from last season and some throw away street shots that probably won’t make it into my part in Scott’s film.
Give us some info on you. Anything you want to talk about snowboard related?
I’ve worked at People Skate and Snow for just over a year now, Ben Clarke(owner) is one of the coolest dudes pushing snowboard culture in Michigan right now and owns pretty much the only core shop in the Metro Detroit area; he’s helped me out a ton with getting my name out there this past winter. Rich Whinnie helps me out a lot also and really makes an awesome impact on the Michigan snowboard scene with the Rome Pre-Jib, now known as Parknado at Cannonsburg(Dec. 7th BE THERE), along with other pre-season events at various hills and just all around the dude spends as much time being involved with the community as he can. Also, it’s ass-backwards to ride snowboards made by ski companies, don’t do it.  And most importantly don’t let scooter kids infect our culture, educate them on how to ride a 32” skateboard instead.
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