Luke and Adam

Filmin' February 2021 Results

Filmin' February is a Snowboard Video Contest that we started back in 2011. The idea is pretty simple. Compile the best footage of you and your friends riding in February and we will pick winners. We get some of our friends in the snowboard industry to help judge and everyone has a nice time.

We had let this contest lapse for a few years, but because Covid is a huge bummer and public events are problematic, this is the perfect year to revitalize this virtual contest!

It has been a long time coming and the final results are in! Congratulations to everyone that summited their videos! You guys put in the work, got beat up, and got great shots! The top five winners are... 


1. Adam Homie and Luke Swope


2. Matt Emerott


3. Grant Ueberroth + Friends

4.Brandon Ash

5.Tim Huey

We'd like to thank our sponsors who provided prizes, judges, and stoke : Capita Snowboards, Union Binding Co. ,

Congratulations everyone! till winter 2022!!


September 10, 2021 — Ben Clarke

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