As October comes to an end we begin to let go of what little aspects of late summer's weather we hold onto and let the brisk feeling of cold creep into our daily lives. With this inevitable shift in season sets in, just the same takes place as we move from skate to snow. We become enveloped in the seasonal change as life's pace slows up a bit, the trees shed their layers, and we begin to as well. We're happy to welcome back our annual snowboard swap, this time around we'll be providing an opportunity for you to strap in and experience some visual pleasures too.
Dig through your closet, garage, and attic for all that old (less than 10 year old) snow gear that's been collecting dust and exchange in for one of two things - 70% of your marked price in our store (we keep 30%) or 100% in-store credit (if it sells!). That's right, you could sell your old jacket, pants, boots, board, bindings, or anything snowboard related and that could immediately be translated into in-store credit for new gear! The swap runs on November 5th and 6th during normal hours of operation.
This time around we will be providing a drop in ramp alongside a launch ramp just for the good 'ol sake of strapping into our snowboards. Surely there will be misc. objects to jib on and off, that will however be more improvised. From 1 to 3 on Sunday November 6th you can count on snow, a drop in, and a kicker ramp to get weird on!
As a final feature to our kick-off weekend in spirit of the season nearing us we will be premiering two of the most notable videos dropping this season. We're extremely humbled to be displaying Interior Plain Project's SHAPESHFTR full-length, as their first full-length team film. This is going to be huge, be sure to come show some love for the midwest's most influential brand. Alongside SHAPESHFTR we'll also be running VideoGrass's HALF OFF video, which was predominately filmed and edited by John Stark, who created Rendered Useless, and is also a Michigan native.

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