Airblaster Hoodless Ninja Suit

$98.00 $129.95

Airblaster Hoodless Ninja Suit

Color: Black

The Airblaster Hoodless Ninja Suit is the perfect choice for those who prefer a bit more freedom around the neck and don't want the confinement of a hood. This base layer offers full-body coverage with an open top, allowing you to enjoy the breeze in your hair while staying comfortable. Here are the key features of the Hoodless Ninja Suit:


  • YKK Zippers: Equipped with durable YKK zippers throughout for easy and secure closure.

  • 4-Way Stretch AIR-TECH Fabric: Made from 4-way stretch AIR-TECH fabric, providing flexibility and comfort.

  • Ninja Star Embroidery: Features Ninja Star embroidery for added style.

  • 350° Waist Zip: The signature Ninja Suit 350-degree waist zipper is included, ensuring hassle-free bathroom breaks and easy access.

  • Front Fly: A front fly is included for quick access when nature calls.

  • Stretch-Stitched Neck Hole: The neck hole is stretch-stitched and includes a chin protector for added comfort.

  • Thumb Loops: Thumb loops at the cuffs keep the sleeves in place and provide added warmth.

  • Waistband Drawcord: The waistband features a drawcord for a customizable fit.

The Hoodless Ninja Suit allows you to fully embrace the Ninja lifestyle with comfort and convenience. Whether you're hitting the slopes, going for a hike, or enjoying any outdoor activity, this base layer keeps you snug, dry, and ready for adventure.