Anon Windham WaveCel Snowboard Helmet size xlarge

$149.00 $189.95

Anon Windham WaveCel Snowboard Helmet size xlarge

Color: Black

The Anon Windham WaveCel Snowboard Helmet in Black is designed with various features and technology to provide safety and comfort for snowboarders. Here are some of the key details and features of this helmet:

  1. Weight: The helmet weighs 657g, making it relatively lightweight for enhanced comfort during snowboarding.

  2. Close Fit: WaveCel helmets are designed to fit snugly to the head, ensuring a comfortable and secure fit. It's recommended to refer to the sizing chart for accurate measurements. If you are in-between sizes, you may want to size up for a better fit.

  3. WaveCel Technology: The helmet features WaveCel technology, which behaves like a network of interconnected shock absorbers. This network helps distribute impact energy and reduce impact forces, similar to the crumple zone in a car. Additionally, it helps divert rotational forces by flexing and gliding.

  4. Endura Shell Construction: The helmet has an Endura shell construction with an injection-molded ABS exterior. This construction provides long-lasting durability and resistance to dings and impacts.

  5. Passive Ventilation: The helmet features passive ventilation channels that draw fresh air in from the front and pull moisture out from the back, helping to keep you comfortable while preventing overheating.

  6. In-Shell 360 BOA Fit System: The helmet integrates a fit dial directly into the helmet. This BOA Fit System allows for micro-adjustments all around the wearer's head, ensuring a secure and customized fit.

  7. Fidlock Snap Helmet Buckle: The helmet is equipped with a Fidlock snap helmet buckle that uses magnets to enable easy one-handed operation, even when wearing gloves.

  8. Polartec Power Grid Fleece Liner and Ear Pads: The helmet features a Polartec Power Grid fleece liner and ear pads for lightweight, fast-drying performance, providing both warmth and comfort.

  9. Removable Goggle Clip: The goggle clip is removable without the need for tools, offering customization options to suit your preferences and needs.


  • All Anon products are backed by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, ensuring that the product is free from defects and issues.
  • Anon helmets come with an additional 2-year crash replacement policy, providing added protection in the event of a crash.

These features and the warranty coverage make the Anon Windham WaveCel Snowboard Helmet a promising choice for snowboarders looking for both safety and comfort on the slopes.