Bones Super Swiss Six Ball 6 Bearings


Bones Super Swiss Six Ball 6 Bearings

"Elevate Your Skate Game with Bones Super Swiss Six Ball 6 Bearings"

Introducing the cutting-edge Bones Super Swiss Six Ball 6 Bearings, a true game-changer for skateboard enthusiasts. These innovative bearings feature a unique design with six larger diameter balls, setting them apart from the standard seven-ball 608 bearings. This exceptional design translates to higher speed, increased strength, and unmatched durability. Crafted in Switzerland, they are the epitome of precision and quality.

Key Features:

  • Innovative Six-Ball Design: Six larger diameter balls for superior speed, strength, and durability.
  • Swiss Precision: Made in Switzerland, ensuring the highest level of craftsmanship.
  • Single, Non-Contact, Removable Rubber Shield: Easy cleaning and reduced friction for optimal performance.
  • High-Speed Nylon Ball Retainer: Enhances strength and speed for a smoother ride.
  • Pre-Lubricated with Speed Cream®: Racing lubricant for maximum speed and performance.
  • Skate Rated™ Clearances, Tolerances, Materials: Engineered to provide the best possible performance and durability.

Package Contents:

  • Set of 8 Bearings: Ensure a consistent, smooth ride.
  • 4 Bearing Spacers: For enhanced stability and longevity.
  • Instructions: Making installation a breeze.
  • Sticker: Show your Bones Super Swiss Six Ball pride.

Upgrade your skateboarding experience with Bones Super Swiss Six Ball 6 Bearings, where innovation meets precision for unmatched performance and durability. Skate at the next level with the best in the game.