Burton Custom X Camber Snowboard size 154 cm

$679.00 $839.95
By Burton

2024 Burton Custom X Camber Snowboard

size 154 cm

Conquer the mountain with precision and speed on the 2024 Burton Custom X Camber Snowboard, size 154 cm. This board is not just a snowboard; it's a pro-caliber powerhouse designed for riders who demand the best. Here's what makes the Custom X stand out:

Key Features:

  1. Directional Shape:

    • The classic shape offers a slightly longer nose than tail, concentrating pop in the tail while providing float, flow, and control across various terrains.
  2. Camber Bend:

    • The camber bend ensures powerful turns and poppy precision, distributing weight evenly for smooth, continuous edge control from tip to tail.
  3. Twin Flex:

    • Perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail, allowing for a balanced ride that's equally versatile whether riding regular or switch.
  4. Dragonfly 600G Core with Multizone EGD:

    • The lightweight core uses end-grain woods in impact zones for strength without compromising weight, providing durability where it matters most.
  5. 45° Carbon Highlights High Voltage Fiberglass:

    • Optimizes the fiberglass matrix with a full tip-to-tail carbon layer, reducing weight and fine-tuning torsional feel for a lively and responsive ride.
  6. WFO Base:

    • The sintered base with specially formulated wax ensures durability and optimal performance in all conditions, making it a reliable choice throughout the season.
  7. The Channel Board Mount:

    • Designed for dialing in the perfect stance, this feature is compatible with all major bindings, offering versatility for customization.

When you choose the 2024 Burton Custom X Camber Snowboard, you're choosing a board that delivers unparalleled speed, precision, and performance. It's time to elevate your riding experience with this pro-caliber masterpiece.