Capita Aeronaut Snowboard 2024/25


2024/25 Capita Aeronaut Snowboard

Prepare to blast off with the groundbreaking Capita Aeronaut Snowboard, a creation born from the visionary mind of the side-hit maestro and Rocket Man extraordinaire, Arthur Longo. This directional, cambered masterpiece is your ticket to conquering all-mountain challenges with blazing speed and jaw-dropping airtime.

Key Features:

  • Panda Hover Core: Lightweight yet extremely durable, designed for explosive pop and resilience.
  • CarbonFlax Amplifiers: Enhance pop and stability, ensuring maximum airtime and control.
  • HyperDrive ADV XT Base: Upgraded for 2025, this tougher base delivers unmatched high-speed performance.
  • ALPINE V3 Camber Profile: Features a deeper traditional camber that zeros out before the end of the sidecut, offering a controlled ride with the powerful response of a classic cambered board.

Side Hit Euphoria

Redefine the limits of your local resort’s terrain as you soar into the realm of Side Hit Euphoria, courtesy of the Aeronaut by Arthur Longo. Designed to charge the resort and sidecountry hits like Arthur, this series combines advanced materials and innovative design for riders who crave speed and precision.

Why Choose Capita Aeronaut?

  • Innovative Design: Born from Arthur Longo's visionary approach to snowboarding.
  • Exceptional Performance: Engineered for high-speed descents and incredible airtime.
  • Durability and Pop: Panda Hover Core and CarbonFlax Amplifiers ensure long-lasting performance and explosive power.

Experience the thrill of the Aeronaut and take your riding to new heights.