Capita Children Of The Gnar Youth Snowboard 2024

$259.00 $359.95

2024 Capita Children Of The Gnar Youth Snowboard

Where the Next Generation Thrives

Get ready for the ultimate youth snowboarding experience with the Children of the Gnar snowboard. Designed to be a "tween-age" destroyer, this board serves as a bridge between the young riders and the more experienced ones, often showing up their parents on the mountain.

Inspired by the award-winning D.O.A. series, the Children of the Gnar features a next-generation hybrid camber design that combines the pop and response of a camber board with the predictability of reverse camber. While this series is highly forgiving and encourages skill development, it's no child's play. With premium components like the FSC® Certified Select 2.0 Core™, this board becomes the ultimate freestyle deck for young shredders in those in-between years.

Key Features:

  • Rider Type: Ideal for the youth who are already surpassing their dads and maybe even big brothers on the slopes.

  • Flex Rating: A comfortable 3.5 flex designed to provide both support and ease of use.

  • Camber Type: The RESORT V1 PROFILE offers the perfect blend of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber benefits, combining pop and response with predictable and easy turn initiation.

Cutting-Edge Technology:

  • FSC Certified Select 2.0 Core: A lightweight core with uniform flex and consistency, specially profiled for youth-specific weight and flex optimization.

  • SPECIAL BLEND FIBERGLASS + MAGIC BEAN RESIN: Custom-weighted Biaxial top and Biaxial bottom for enhanced strength and durability. Infused with reformulated, high-performance, plant-based MAGIC BEAN RESIN.

  • XXX[TRUDED] BASE: Extruded under high pressure for an exceptionally hard and durable surface that goes beyond ordinary extruded bases.

Don't let age hold you back from owning the mountain—let the Children of the Gnar snowboard be your young rider's ticket to mastering the slopes. It's where the next generation thrives and outshines the rest.