Capita Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard 2024/25


2024/25 Capita Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard

The Ultimate Freestyle Performer

The Defenders Of Awesome (D.O.A.) lives up to its reputation as Capita's best selling snowboard. The D.O.A has won the most coveted award in snowboard design (Good Wood Awards) 7 years straight.

Key Features of the Capita Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard

Next-Generation Hybrid Camber Design
The D.O.A. features a camber design that combines both traditional and reverse camber. This delivers the pop and response of a traditional cambered board while offering the predictability and easy turn initiation of reverse camber. The result is a board that excels in all conditions and terrains.

P2 Superlight Core
Constructed with the P2 Superlight Core, the D.O.A. reduces weight without compromising durability. This core provides high-impact resistance and maximum pop, making it perfect for freestyle riding and high-energy maneuvers.

Fortress Aramid Bound Sidewalls
The Fortress Aramid Bound Sidewalls enhance the board's durability and performance. These sidewalls provide additional strength and protection, ensuring the D.O.A. can withstand a beating.

High-Speed Quantum Drive Base
For unmatched speed and glide, the D.O.A. is equipped with a high-speed Quantum Drive™ base. This advanced construction technology propels the D.O.A. beyond its modest retail price, making it a high-performance option for any rider.

RESORT V1 Camber Profile
The RESORT V1 camber profile maximizes the benefits of traditional camber, zero camber, and reverse camber. This design allows for the pop and response of a cambered board with the easy turn initiation and predictability of zero camber or reverse camber shapes.

The Capita Defenders Of Awesome Snowboard is the ultimate do anything freestyle deck. With its award-winning design and advanced construction technologies, the D.O.A. stands as a top choice for riders seeking high performance. Elevate your snowboarding game with a board that truly defends its awesome reputation.