Capita Mercury Snowboard 2024/25


2024/25 Capita Mercury Snowboard

Unleash All-Terrain Versatility

The Capita Mercury Snowboard is your ticket to conquering every corner of the mountain. Renowned for its unparalleled all-terrain versatility, the Mercury thrives in all conditions, from deep powder and massive kickers to playful side hits and smooth park laps. This award-winning board is engineered to deliver power when you crave it and float when you need it, eliminating the need to check the weather report before heading out.

Key Features of the Capita Mercury

Hover Core Technology
The Mercury's core is a blend of paulownia and poplar, creating a lightweight yet durable foundation. This combination enhances the board's responsiveness and ollie power, ensuring you can tackle any terrain with confidence.

Amplitex V-Tech Amplifiers
For superior durability and increased power, the Mercury features Amplitex V-Tech Amplifiers. These technical advancements boost the board's performance, making it a reliable companion for both high-speed descents and technical maneuvers.

RESORT V2 Camber
The RESORT V2 camber profile offers the perfect balance for all-terrain riding. With a raised camber platform through the inserts, it provides excellent edge hold at high speeds across variable terrain. The elevated contact points make landing in powder effortless, while the Flat Kick tip and tail arcs facilitate faster, more aggressive transitions.

Whether you're charging through powder, hitting the park, or carving down groomers, the Capita Mercury Snowboard delivers unmatched performance and versatility. Elevate your snowboarding experience with a board that’s built to handle it all, from epic powder days to every-day resort riding.