Loaded Icarus Complete Longboard


Loaded Icarus Complete Longboard

Deck: Loaded Icarus Flex 2 38.4" x 8.6" x 28.25"

Trucks: Gullwing Reverse 10"

Wheels: Oranatang Kegel 80mm 80a

Bearings: Loaded Jehu

Experience the Pinnacle of Carving and Cruising with the Loaded Icarus Complete Longboard

The Loaded Icarus Complete Longboard is engineered for the ultimate carving and cruising experience, combining innovative design with high-performance components to satisfy the most discerning longboarders. Ideal for both carving enthusiasts and distance riders, this board delivers an unmatched blend of responsiveness and comfort.

Deck Innovations The Loaded Icarus Flex 2 deck is crafted to provide a responsive and flexible ride, essential for the carving connoisseur. Measuring 38.4 inches long and 8.6 inches wide, with a 28.25-inch wheelbase, it offers an optimal balance of stability and maneuverability. The deck's contours and variable concave ensure superior edge control and responsiveness.

Premium Trucks Equipped with Gullwing Reverse 10" trucks, the Icarus allows for precise carving and excellent control. These trucks are known for their stable and smooth turning capabilities, making them a perfect match for the dynamic nature of the Icarus deck.

Exceptional Wheels The Orangatang Kegel 80mm 80a wheels provide the speed and smoothness needed for efficient cruising and effective power carving. These large wheels roll over obstacles effortlessly while the soft durometer absorbs vibrations, offering a plush ride on various terrains.

Top-Quality Bearings Loaded Jehu bearings are included to enhance the overall riding experience by reducing friction and improving speed sustainability. These bearings are specifically designed for long-lasting performance and smooth rolling, essential for long-distance rides and high-speed carving.

Whether you're navigating tight corners or cruising on open roads, the Loaded Icarus Complete Longboard is a superb choice for those seeking a high-quality longboard that excels in versatility and performance. It's meticulously designed to cater to the needs of advanced riders who demand the best in their equipment.

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