People Taken Out Skateboard Deck


People Taken Out Skateboard Deck

Introducing the People Taken Out Skateboard Deck, where craftsmanship meets performance. Our commitment to quality starts with the materials – each deck is meticulously crafted in-house using 100% North American/Canadian Hard Rock Maple, ensuring the highest standard in durability and performance. We employ a specialized skateboard glue designed for optimal functionality, and our decks are pressed using a cold-press technique with an impressive 60 tons of pressure, guaranteeing resilience.

To maintain concave consistency, our decks are pressed three at a time per mold. The seven-ply construction includes 1/16th thickness for the core and face-grade veneers, coupled with 1/24th thick cross-band veneers. This unique combination results in an exceptionally thin, lightweight, and robust board, providing the best balance between pop and flexibility.

Our dedication to detail extends to the finishing touches. Most decks feature a top veneer and one stained core, adding aesthetic appeal. A meticulous three-coat lacquer gloss finish seals the deal – the first coat secures, while the second and third coats provide a glossy, eye-catching finish.

Every deck is a custom creation, made to order with a 100% guarantee against manufacturing defects. Join the skating revolution with the People Taken Out Skateboard Deck, designed for those who demand the best in quality, performance, and style.

Key Features:

  • 100% North American/Canadian Hard Rock Maple
  • 7-ply construction for optimal strength and flexibility
  • Cold-press technique with 60 tons of pressure for concave consistency
  • Customizable design with stained core
  • Three-coat lacquer gloss finish for a sleek appearance
  • 100% guaranteed against manufacturing defects