Public Research Snowboard 2024

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2024 Public Research Snowboard

Here's a new one, The Public Research. 
What is a Midwest street snowboard company doing making a directional tapered freeride snowboard?
Well, in a market saturated with homogeneous directional options, this offers something different. It's not trying to reinvent the wheel, but building on the solid foundation of park board pop and predictability that is often lost in the product segment. 
Simply put, you'll be chillin' if you're bouncing between your daily driver park board and this on a deep day. AND you won't look out of place doing it.
This one is for the deep days, the side hits, and lays a solid trench in slush.
The public agreed! The Public Research won a coveted interlude snow show award. I was there, people were stoked (myself included), tons of bottomless laps on a board that looks as good as it rides.

Your Ultimate Freeride Companion

The PUBLIC Research Snowboard is your go-to choice for freeride adventures, designed to tackle the mountain's diverse terrain with ease. With its overall directional shape and 8mm of taper, this board effortlessly floats in powder and carves turns on hard-pack while maintaining the freestyle essence that PUBLIC is known for.

Key Features:

  • Directional Shape with 8mm Taper: The board's directional shape and taper ensure it excels in powder conditions, offering effortless floatation and superb control on hard-packed snow. The slight taper enhances maneuverability.
  • Mountain Alert Camber: A directional version of the Alert Camber combines a mostly camber profile for edge hold, control, and pop. The tip and tail feature early rise, with the tip slightly more exaggerated to increase powder floatation and ease of entry into turns.
  • Carbon V and Carbon Stringers: Packed with the latest technology, the Research features Carbon V and tip-to-tail carbon stringers for enhanced performance and responsiveness.
  • Poplar Light Core: The Poplar Light Core is a premium version of the classic Poplar core, crafted from 100% FCS certified wood. It strategically incorporates lightweight paulownia wood, reducing weight while maintaining a lively and snappy feel. Strips of hardwood beneath the bindings minimize the risk of board breaks and increase insert retention. This core is exclusive to our highest-end boards.
  • Urethane Sidewalls: Urethane sidewalls provide superior dampening properties, outperforming the industry standard ABS and P-tex sidewalls. They offer increased durability against impacts, ensuring your board remains intact in various terrains.
  • Sintered Base: The sintered base is created by compressing polyethylene pellets under high pressure, resulting in a porous base that maximizes wax absorption and offers exceptional abrasion resistance. This translates to a faster and more durable board.
  • Carbon Stringers: The 20mm wide carbon fiber stringer runs from tip to tail, significantly enhancing pop and responsiveness without compromising torsional flex, keeping the board agile and nimble underfoot.


  • Best For: All-Mountain Riding
  • Flex Rating: Medium - Stiff

The PUBLIC Research Snowboard is your ticket to conquering the entire mountain with confidence. Whether you're carving turns on hard-pack, exploring powder, or seeking freeride adventures, this board has got you covered.