RVCA Womens Sage Cross Back Bra


RVCA Women's Sage Cross Back Bra

color: jade
style: AVJKT00273

The RVCA Sage Cross Back Bra is a sporty and stylish piece, perfect for those with an active lifestyle. This sports bra, part of the exclusive Sage Vaughn collection, features a fitted design with a scoop neck and crisscross back straps, offering both support and freedom of movement. Made from a blend of 80% recycled polyester and 20% elastane, the fabric boasts moisture-wicking properties that help keep you dry during workouts.

This item is aligned with sustainable fashion trends, using recycled materials in its construction, which is becoming increasingly important in the apparel industry. The vibrant, nature-inspired print from artist Sage Vaughn adds a unique aesthetic appeal to the piece, making it stand out as a statement item in any fitness wardrobe.

The bra is part of a collection that showcases Sage Vaughn's dynamic and colorful artistry, which is a significant draw for both art aficionados and fashion enthusiasts. His collaboration with RVCA highlights the brand's commitment to blending artistic expression with functional clothing.

If you're interested in items that are both fashionable and functional, with a focus on sustainability and unique design, the Sage Cross Back Bra would be a worthwhile addition to your collection. It reflects current trends in fashion where there is a blend of performance, style, and environmental consciousness.