Sector 9 Hopper Handplant Complete


Sector 9 Hopper Handplant Complete Skateboard - Perfect for Cruising and Tricks

Elevate your skateboarding experience with the Sector 9 Hopper Handplant Complete Skateboard. This premium setup combines top-tier components to offer an unmatched ride for both cruising and tricks. Here’s what makes this complete skateboard stand out:

Deck: Sector 9 Hopper Handplant

  • Dimensions: 27.5" x 7.5" x 14.0"
  • Design: Optimized for stability and maneuverability, perfect for skaters of all levels.
  • Material: High-quality construction for durability and performance.

Trucks: Gullwing Shadow 7.5"

  • Size: 7.5"
  • Features: Lightweight yet sturdy, these trucks provide excellent turning precision and responsiveness.

Wheels: Orangatang Fat Free 65mm 77a

  • Diameter: 65mm
  • Durometer: 77a
  • Performance: These wheels offer a smooth ride with superior grip, perfect for both cruising and sliding.

Bearings: Bronson G2

  • Quality: High-speed precision bearings for a fast and smooth ride.
  • Durability: Built to withstand the demands of aggressive skating.

Riser Pad: 1/2" Sector 9 Riser

  • Height: 1/2"
  • Function: Provides additional clearance to prevent wheel bite, enhancing overall performance.

The Sector 9 Hopper Handplant Complete Skateboard is designed to deliver an exceptional skateboarding experience. Whether you're carving down hills or performing tricks at the park, this complete setup offers the reliability and performance you need. Get yours today and enjoy the ride of a lifetime!

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