Sector 9 Rosin Ricochet Complete Longboard


Sector 9 Rosin Ricochet Complete Longboard

Conquer the Streets with the Sector 9 Rosin Ricochet Complete Longboard

Discover the ultimate ride with the Sector 9 Rosin Ricochet Complete Longboard, tailored for enthusiasts and seasoned skaters alike. This premium longboard is crafted to deliver a smooth, exhilarating ride in any urban landscape.

Deck Specifications Experience the perfect balance of flexibility and stability with the Sector 9 Rosin Ricochet deck. Measuring 33.375 inches in length and 8.0 inches in width, this deck offers ample space for comfortable footing while ensuring responsive handling and durability. Its robust construction promises lasting performance and resilience on diverse terrains.

High-Performance Trucks Equipped with the renowned Gullwing Reverse 10" trucks, this longboard boasts unmatched maneuverability and control. The reverse kingpin configuration enhances turning precision, making it ideal for carving tight corners or cruising down city streets.

Superior Wheels Roll out with confidence on Sector 9's Race Formula 72mm 80a wheels. These wheels are designed for speed and smooth rides, featuring a 72mm diameter that provides quick acceleration and a soft 80a durometer that absorbs vibrations, ensuring a seamless glide over bumps and rough surfaces.

Reliable Bearings The Sector 9 Rosin Ricochet comes fitted with Bones Reds bearings, known for their high-quality construction and exceptional durability. These bearings offer a smooth rolling experience, reducing friction for faster and quieter rides.

Enhanced Stability with Risers This longboard includes Independent 1/8" risers that increase clearance and improve shock absorption. These risers help prevent wheel bite and extend the life of the deck by reducing stress on critical areas.

Whether you're commuting to work, exploring local pathways, or engaging in an intense downhill session, the Sector 9 Rosin Ricochet Complete Longboard is your ideal companion. Its expertly designed components ensure top-notch performance, making it a must-have for any longboard enthusiast looking to elevate their skating experience.

Ride the Difference with Sector 9 – Your Adventure Starts Here!

Deck: Sector 9 Rosin Ricochet 33.375" x 8.0"

Trucks: Gullwing Reverse 10"

Wheels: Sector 9 Race Formula

Bearings: Bones Reds

Risers: Independent 1/8"