Slappy ST1 Inverted Skateboard Trucks 8.5

By slappy

Slappy ST1 Inverted Skateboard Trucks

size: 8.5"

The Slappy ST1 Inverted Kingpin Skateboard Trucks, expertly designed by Mike Sinclair to provide exceptional grind clearance while maintaining an excellent turning radius. These trucks feature maximum kingpin clearance and a polished finish for a sleek look and smooth performance. With an inverted kingpin design, this set includes 2 trucks to elevate your skateboarding experience.

Key Features:

  • Designed by Mike Sinclair for optimal grind clearance and turning ability
  • Maximum kingpin clearance ensures superior performance
  • Polished finish for added style and durability
  • Inverted kingpin design for reliable functionality
  • Set of 2 trucks included