Union Kids Cadet Pro Snowboard Bindings

$144.00 $179.95

2024 Union Kids Cadet Pro Snowboard Bindings

Color: White

Elevate Your Youth's Ride

The Union Cadet Pro Snowboard Binding is the perfect introduction to what the pros ride, offering young riders an exceptional, softer flexing binding to take their snowboarding skills to the next level. These bindings prioritize comfort, adjustability, and versatility, making them ideal for conquering the entire mountain.

Key Features:


  • Stage 5 Duraflex: Designed for all-day comfort and response, the bombproof Stage 5 Duraflex baseplate is built to withstand the rigors of mountain riding. Backed by a lifetime warranty.
  • Baseplate Flex: 5/10 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


  • Team S Duraflex: The Team S Duraflex highback offers the perfect balance of flexibility and support, making it an ideal choice for young snowboarders seeking to progress their skills.


  • Exoframe 2.0 Ankle Strap: The Exoframe 2.0 ankle strap combines rapid response and comfort, ensuring young riders can focus on perfecting their technique.
  • TS 1.0 Ultragrip Toe Strap: The TS 1.0 toe strap delivers a secure grip and keeps young riders in control on the slopes.
  • Ratchet: Crafted from aluminum, the ratchet system ensures the bindings' reliability during your kids' snowboarding adventures.
  • FLAD (Forward Lean Adjuster): The classic FLAD feature allows quick and easy adjustments to the forward lean angle, providing young riders the freedom to adapt their bindings to their preferred riding style.

Additional Features:

  • Grade 8.8 Steel Hardware: Union employs Grade 8.8 steel hardware, ensuring the durability and strength of these bindings.
  • Strap Adjustment: Traditional strap adjustments are simple and convenient.
  • Canting: These bindings offer canting adjustments, enabling riders to customize their setup for a more personalized experience.

With a baseplate flex rating of 5/10, the Cadet Pro bindings provide a perfect balance between support and flexibility, essential for young riders looking to explore the mountain. For comfortable and responsive bindings that encourage progression, the Union Cadet Pro Snowboard Binding is the ideal choice.