Welcome Skateboards Summer 2016 offerings have landed at the shop recently and the shapes are looking odd as ever... The plethora of shapes they have to offer is extensive and diverse; now offering several board shapes like the Triger on Bunyip deck that is more like a popsicle deck, but true to the brands concept of creating shaped decks only.
Alongside the arrival of decks we've received loads of clothing from Welcome. The apparel keeps improving,  including the Jackalope Polo, The Chris Miller "Faces" tee in teal, The Welcome "Face of a lover" in pink, Ryan Lay's "Light-headed tee in mint, several colors in the Talisman Tee, and an assortment of Welcome hats to cover whatever you may be in need of.
While not technically part of the Welcome summer line, Welcome collaborated with Adidas to bring you a second jersey born out of this relationship: The A-league Adidas x Welcome Jersey. Their first jersey did well, but lacked some polish, choosing a collarless rugby jersey sounds cool, but in practice the collar is nice. For this round, they picked a soccer jersey with a collar this time and it has a tonal jacquard talisman stripe print that is really only visible when the light hits it just right. Very sick and these will sure to be gone in no time.

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