Redbull Hartlines 2016 flyer
It's no doubt that last year's Hart Lines event held at Hart Plaza was a great success, with thousands of spectators making their way into the city to observe one of the most original and innovative contests. The Detroit skateboard scene can only expect more greatness from this years event. Through the flourishing relationship between Community Push and The Sheckler Foundation, the involvement that RedBull has had here in our city has continuously moved forward and improved. Sheckler donated to the continued development of The Wig with a surplus of concrete tools to help build a number of features. The Modern Skatepark Demo wouldn't have happened without this relationship, and also the opportunity for six local skate shops to send two riders each to skate the setup on the 14th is a result of Redbull's commitment to the Detroit Skateboard scene.
Launch, Refugee, Plus, Pigeon, Modern, and People have been chosen for this opportunity and we couldn't be more excited!
Come out on May 14th to see Tony Christopher and Anthony Marcus give their own unique take on this setup. On May the 15th the pro's will be doing their thing.

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