Huf is very notorious for their ability to collaborate with iconic brands inside and outside the influence of skateboarding and undoubtable their most recent power move syncing up with Slap is one of the best offerings to date. Slap Magazine was a spin off of sorts from Thrasher Magazine; Lance Dawes who was once an employee of Thrasher Magazine started Slap back in 1992 and ran it up until 2008. Although the print work of Slap is no longer in production they kept their website up and running and is known to be a skate nerd heaven of opinion flexing and an ever so often media post to the site itself, outside of the forums. With that said, we're proud to welcome Huf's collaboration with Slap Magazine to our shelves offering an array of goods from windbreakers, to socks, to hats, to long sleeves, to lapel pins, to limited edition Classic hi's; give it a look on our webstore for a sneak peak and make way through the door to get the fit and feel that's right for you.

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