Redbull Hartlines 2016 flyer

 returns to Hart Plaza on Detroit's waterfront for it's second season. Building on last years success, Hart lines has expanded the course a bit and has given 12 local skaters from six shops (People skateshop, Refuge, Launch, Plus, Pigeon, Modern) a chance to battle it out in the Motor City Grind shop contest on Saturday May 14th 2016 from 11-noon on the same course that will be skated by the pros.

Tony melon plant off the fist in Detroit(photo: Eddie Liddy)
I can't speak for the other shops, but we're sending Tony Christopher and Anthony Marcus and have a good shot at taking the title home!

Here is the full event schedule:

be warned, the Hartlines time schedule is subject to change. May showers are always a possibility in Detroit and will likely cause delays or changes. We will do our best to update if anything changes.

Saturday, May 14

  • 9am - 11am: Motor City Grind Shop Battle Practice
  • 11am: Venue opens to public
  • 10:30am: Motor City Grind Shop Battle Riders’ Meeting
  • 11am - 12pm: Motor City Grind Shop Battle Contest
    • Six Shops, two skaters per Shop
    • Scoring and rules are the same as the main event, except
      • Each skater gets one run in each Lane
      • Lowest score from each shop per lane gets dropped
      • Shop’s final score is the best score from Lane 1 and Lane 2 averaged
  • 12pm: Motor City Grind Shop Battle Awards
  • 12:15pm – 1:45pm: Practice
  • 2pm - 5pm: Qualifiers
    • Skaters broken into two heats
    • Two runs on each lane, best run from each counts
    • Order of skating:
      • Heat 1, Lane 1 - both runs
      • Heat 2, Lane 1 - both runs
      • Heat 1, Lane 2 - both runs
      • Heat 2, Lane 2 - both runs
    • Skate in forward direction, no stopping or redos
    • Each obstacle in each Lane may only be hit once in each Run
    • Best run from each lane averaged to determine final score
    • Each run is timed
      • Average time from highest scored Run in each lane will be used to calculate overall placing for time
      • Placing in terms of time is subtracted from overall average to determine overall placing
      • Maximum time penalty deduction is 10
      • Example: If average of best scores from Lane 1 and Lane 2 is 79 and skater is the 3rd fastest clocked time based on those two runs, the final score for overall placing is 79 minus 3 = 76
    • Ties will be broken by going to the second runs for each skater. If second run scores tie, it will be broken by the Head Judge
    • Top seven qualify for Finals
    • Skate against top five from 2015

Sunday, May 15 - LIVE BROADCAST AT

  • 10am - 1:45pm: Practice for Finalists only
  • 11am: Venue opens to public
  • 2pm - Live Broadcast starts
  • 2:15pm: Opening Ceremony, National Anthem, and Finals
    • Order of skaters
      • Top five from 2015 will skate in reverse order
        • Ryan Decenzo, Evan Smith, Chris Cole, Ryan Sheckler, Curren Caples (based on skaters attending the event)
    • Seven from Qualifiers will skate next in reverse order
    • One heat
    • Same format as above
  • Best Trick Contest immediately following
    • Cash for tricks
    • Set of BFGoodrich tires to the best overall
  • Awards
  • 7pm: After-Party - details TBD

Anthony Marcus - Madonna Photo: Daniel Stelly

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