It's undeniable that skateboarding is an art form of it's own, yet the influence that other arts have on skateboarding as well as vise versa is seemingly infinite. Music, print work, painting, graphic design, videography, and photography are just a few examples of other art forms that pull inspiration from skateboarding as well as influence that skateboarding has directed towards itself. Shepard Fairey is a prime example of someone who's provided influence from his passion for street art and along with Huf's help has transpired it into skateboarding. The angst, rebellion, and conviction of street art seemingly goes hand in hand from street art to skateboarding; to actively seek inspiration through an urban environment and to turn it into a canvas of your own, whether it be a mural piece or a video part. It isn't to be understood by the masses but for those who share similar world views as you it's a no brainer to express oneself against all odds; against the man in many cases. Huf x Obey's offerings include hats, lapel pins, hoodies, socks, limited edition Classic Hi's, stickers, and long sleeves.
May 02, 2016 — Ben Clarke

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