Thrasher x Gx1000 shirts and dvd
It's undeniable that GX1000 has been one of the most influential crews filming skateboarding over the recent years; inevitably their immaculate video work and style has been carried over into their full-length DVD. With skating from the likings of Al Davis, Yonnie Cruz, Jake Johnson, Brian Delatore alongside many more it's a no-brainer that the GX1000 DVD is one of the gnarliest video releases of our time.
Thrasher has been supporting the production of the GX series videos since the beginning, both releasing them exclusively through their website video interface and Thrasher's YouTube as well. With this relationship the Thrasher brand has and the GX crew they collaborated over some softgoods. We received and have a limited stock of the Trasher GX1000 tee, Trasher GX1000 hoodie, and Thrasher GX1000 snapback hat. Get it while the getting's good because these won't last long!

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